If you seek reward you are not free. If you do for the joy of doing, love for the sake of loving, you are soon truly free.

Everyone of all ages can enjoy the gentle, natural practice of Zen meditation. The benefits are limitless but some key positive outcomes include:

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• attaining profound relief from stress, tension, anxiety and depression;

• quieting the constant mental turmoil of erratic, negative thinking;

• managing and overcoming the stress response to difficulties;

• increasing mental, physical and emotional health;

• reaching calmness and overall wellbeing;

• bringing meaning, direction and purpose to everything you do;

• developing mindfulness and grace of manner, movement, speech and thought;

• growing a genuine, true and attractive warmth of personality;

• cultivating relationships of true value and meaning;

• seeing and letting go unhappiness caused by attachment and ‘ego’;

• ceasing to waste life as you learn to ‘transcend the muddle’;

• developing true, loving kindness, compassion and concern for the welfare of others, and

• reaching true freedom, inner peace and serenity.

Benefits of Meditating



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