Today, I ask you to show someone you don’t know a small act of unconditional kindness. Right there is the beginning of inner peace!

Zen meditation is a like a journey – an inner adventure. It cannot be ‘learned’ in a weekend course or a few days. So, courses at the Meditation Sanctuaries have been developed to take the myth out of meditation and to be completely beneficial and relevant to people of today. The courses are designed to guide meditators, over time, to whatever stage of their Path they choose to travel, whether it be to relieve stress or journeying to deeper levels of their spirituality.

Each course requires attendance once a week as well as daily home practice. Introductory courses are run over 10 weeks with an additional preliminary week for discussion and enrolment. Intermediate course are conducted over 18 weeks with two, one- week breaks. All sessions are run for 90 minutes.

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Do not try to be somebody. You already are!
Start loving that beautiful being within, just
waiting for you to reach in and let out.



Introductory Course – Zen Meditation and Mindfulness

The course is designed to guide you in the core aspects of Zen so that on completion, you can genuinely meditate in an accomplished manner with resulting benefits. They are conducted at most of the Meditation Sanctuaries up to four times a year. Courses teach:

  • techniques for profound release of tension resulting from stress
  • right breathing
  • techniques to still the mind ( and then Zen – letting go the techniques)
  • true mindfulness (awakeness)
  • Liberating and Zen meditation
  • meditative visualisation for wellbeing

Intermediate Course – Taking Your Meditation into Life

The Intermediate course is for people who have completed an Introductory course and wish to take their practice, understanding and enjoyment of meditation deeper and further. The course places emphasis on practices and meditations that help us to really see, understand and ‘let go’ all that stuff that may be hindering our enjoyment of life.

To do so, the Intermediate teachings have three ‘threads’ or ‘streams’ that are woven together through the course.

The first is furthering and mastering classic and highly effective techniques of ‘letting go’ issues and stresses of the past and present to enhance the experiencing of mindful wellbeing in life. We then practise applying these skills in everyday life.

The second is deepening zazen (the sitting, liberating meditations) with new techniques that take us to the heart of Zen or, one might say, the most advanced of the classic sitting meditation techniques (shickantaza) as used by the masters. We also practise new, very beautiful and exquisitely peaceful meditations (Tonglen and Metta Bhavana) that help us reach into our natural compassion and kindness and enable us to take these lovely qualities with us ‘into the village’.

Thirdly, there are teisho, instructions or teachings on taking a deeper and meditative approach and understanding into the various aspects of our lives, such as relationships, work, honesty, beliefs, behaviour, nature etc.

The overall aspiration is to take this higher Path to open and free enjoyment of our life as a meditative (or enlightened) being. This course just may be the most valuable time one can spend to practise sinking into the enjoyment of this lifetime.

If you love for the sake of loving, without
seeking recognition or reward, you are the
beacon on the hill – the guiding light.

Sanctuary Details - Venues, Courses and Days

You are invited to contact us for discussion or for any further information you would like on any of the courses or venues. It is recommended that you book as early as possible because all courses are in increasing demand and tend to be booked out. Note that there is no casual attendance available. (See Course Programme for full details.)



The Hannaford Centre. 608 Darling Street, Rozelle. (Corner Nelson Street)

• Introductory Course (Teacher Brahm) – Monday and Wednesday nights

• Open Sanctuary (Teacher Brahm) – Sunday mornings

and then a second Introductory course will be offered.


Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnson Street, Annandale

• Intermediate Course – (Teacher Brahm) – Tuesday nights commencing January.

Sydney City (On Hiatus. Contact for 2019 details)

The Yoga Centre, Suite 203, Level 2, 127 York St, Sydney

• Guided Meditation – (Teacher Brahm) – Friday lunch time

1.05pm – 2.00pm. No bookings or experience necessary. All welcome.


You are invited to make a contribution for each course with fees being paid for the full course at enrolment evenings or on the first night of a course.

Rozelle $17 per session for Introductory courses ($11 Concession) (x 10 weeks)

Rozelle: $10 donation for Open sanctuary sessions

Annandale: $12 per session for Intermediate Course (CA) (x18 weeks)

CBD: $10 donation per guided session invited

(The Meditation Sanctuary reserves the right to add or delete courses and vary costs according to demand and venue circumstances.)


Intermediate Course

ANNANDALE - TUESDAYS - Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnson St, Annandale

Tuesdays: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Introductory Course

ROZELLE - MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS - Hannaford Hall, 608 Darling St, Rozelle (Crn Nelson)

Mondays: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Wednesd ays 8.00pm – 9.30pm

Semester 1:

21 and 23 January - Enrolment evenings (one hour)

(every Monday) 28 January - 25 March

(every Wednesday) 30 January – 27 March

Semester 2:

8 and 10 April - Enrolment evenings (one hour)

(every Monday) 15 April – 17 June

(every Wednesday) 17 April – 19 June

Course 3:

8 and 10 July - Enrolment evenings (one hour)

(every Monday) 15 July – 16 September

(every Wednesday) 17 July – 18 September

Course 4:

7 and 9 October - Enrolment evenings (one hour)

(every Monday) 14 October – 16 December

(every Wednesday) 16 October – 18 December



Email Tel

Sydney_City (02) 9568 6522

The Hannaford Centre. 608 Darling St, Rozelle. (Corner Nelson St)

Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnson St, Annandale

The Yoga Centre, Suite 203, Level 2, 127 York St, Sydney













Course 1:

22 January (Enrolment and start) - 11 June

(NB: Two one-week breaks during the course)

Course 2:

16 July (Enrolment and start) - 26 November

(NB: Two one-week breaks during the course)