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‘Written for both experienced meditators and beginners, Awakening is a bestselling classic. Produced by authoritative Australian Zen meditation expert Yogi Brahmasamhara, this second edition provides step-by-step exercises on the three ‘Essences’ – letting go of tension, mastering the correct breathing techniques, and stilling the unquiet mind. Once you have learnt the basics, you’re equipped to progress to a more profound understanding of meditative wisdom, and to discover that place of serenity and stillness that everyone craves in an increasingly busy and stressful world. Written in a warm, easy-to-follow manner, this book mixes comprehensive text with Brahmasamhara’s humorous personal stories.’

A Practical Guide to Zen Meditation

Meditation for Motherhood

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In Meditation for Motherhood, Brahm offers step-by-step guidance on authentic Zen meditation, the most powerful, natural and deeply beneficial practice available to a woman during the phases of creating and nurturing her baby.

With over 40 gentle exercises, tailored to every phase of the motherhood journey, you will practice the ancient arts of:

- letting go tension, apprehension and worry

- damping down the mind-babble that arises from stress

- mindfulness, the unique ability to focus on ‘just this’

- embracing your own wisdom when faced with difficulties

- developing the patience to listen to yourself and your baby

- taking these natural skills with you at all times.

Inspiring Practices of Zen Meditation for Mothers-to-be



Relaxation for Wellbeing

A best-selling, beautifully produced CD on the profound letting go of tension. A gentle, guided practice by Brahmasamhara which countless people have found to alleviate stress and solve sleeping problems.

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